Genetic Testing can help the provider make decisions about medication and about what dose would be best for the patient.  This practice uses Genesight testing.  

You may obtain Genesight testing even if you do not wish to be a patient at Swift Creek Mental Health Services, an evaluation is necessary, the test will be collected and the results will be provided to the patient, if the patients wish they can take their results back to their treating provider.  


Collection Fee $25 for Swift Creek Patients and $75 for non patients. 

Assurex Health (Genesite) 

Assurex Health has a program for the commercially insured to obtain genetic testing at a reasonable cost even when the insurance does not cover the testing.  Patients can contact Assurex Health to inquire about their specific concerns related to cost.  Their current program states that the max out of pocket expense is *$330 and lower rates may be applicable through their financial aid program. 

*This is not a guarantee of cost, ultimately the patient bears the responsibility of the charges.  

This test does not provide information about diagnosis. This test is used to understand how the body can respond and utilize certain medications.  This test is a tool, it provides support in clinical decision making, it can be very valuable but not in the place of a good evaluation.  

For providers who would like their patients tested, please use the below referral form.

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