We are proud to announce that the official business name of Tracy Psychiatry is Swift Creek Mental Health Services PLLC

We are a new practice located in Apex, NC.  We offer Psychiatric Medication Management Services by a Board Certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner to Adults and Children.

Now Accepting new patients please email or call for an appointment.  Currently accepting Cigna and UBH.  For Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna members the contract requests have been submitted.  Notification of enrollment will be issued approximately September 1, 2018. Back dated claims may be eligible for submission once the contract has been issued, but there is no guarantee the claim will be paid by the insurance company. 

If I am not currently accepting your insurance

The new patient fee for patients that I have already seen at Carolina Partners is $100, and $60 for follow ups.  For new patients I have not yet seen, the fee is $150 and $60 for follow ups.


800 W. Williams St. Suite 231-P.  The office is located in Peakway Market Square, the second story offices are to the left of Sola Salon in the middle of both sections of the plaza. Other businesses in the plaza are JD Tavern,   My Eye Dr. There doesn’t appear to be a marked number anywhere that indicates that you are at 800 W. Williams St, but the entire complex is 800 W. Williams St. When you enter the door for the second story offices, you can either take the stairs or the elevator and the office is just at the top of the stairs/elevator, slightly to the right.  Please enter the office, and have a seat in the waiting room.  The door is labeled with a P and there is a sign on the door.  

A note for previous patients from Carolina Partners

For patients that I have previously seen at Carolina Partners, if you need refills please check with your pharmacy to make sure there isn’t a new script available to fill.  I tried to make sure that everybody had at least three months of medication available if I have seen you in the last six weeks.  If you do not have any scripts at your pharmacy you can either set up an appointment with me, another provider or a provider at Carolina Partners.  I can not refill any medication unless I have a health care record on file.  I am currently available for appointments  Please call or email if you would like to set up an appointment.  

800 W. Williams St. Suite 231 P Apex, NC 27502      919-424-0062    [email protected] 

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