Quotient testing is way to verify ADHD diagnosis using an objective test.

Objective testing is an essential part of an accurate diagnosis and standard of practice, especially with ADHD in adults.  Below is a link to a standard of practice guideline for Adult ADHD.

For providers who would like their patient’s tested please use the referral form at the bottom of the page.  If the link is broken please send an email to [email protected] with your office fax and we will fax you a form.  Please remember not to put patient information in the email as it is not HIPPA compliant. 

Do you suspect you have Adult ADHD but have never been evaluated?

You do not need to be referred from a provider to receive evaluation and testing for ADHD.  You may contact the office directly.  We recommend that you read the above guidelines of treating ADHD in adults.  Many people are surprised that they can’t just walk into the office on one visit and walk out with medication.  

Childhood ADHD

Diagnosis and treating children with ADHD can be a difficult period of time for families.  Quotient Testing is available for children over the age of 8.  Other evaluations are available for younger children.  Treatment recommendations can include pharmaceutical  medication, natural supplements, behavior therapy, and parenting support.  Not every child who appears to have adhd actually has it, having a thorough test and evaluation is important.  Sometimes children can have more than one disorder, such as anxiety and adhd, it’s important to understand everything that could be contributing to the child’s academic and social development.  

Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage for Quotient Testing and Evaluations vary, Insurance may cover some but not all of the testing.  Please contact the office so we can better assist you with verifying benefits.  

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