New Patient Appointments

After you have made a new patient appointment we ask that you provide an email so you may print out the new patient packet and have it ready when you come in.  If you aren’t able to do this than please arrive 30 min early to fill out your paperwork prior to the appointment.  

New patient appointments are the most commonly missed appointments by patients.  Often patients are calling multiple places and taking the first available appointment and then once they have establish care they don’t bother to cancel their other appointments,  or the appointment was made as part of a discharge plan from a higher level of care and the patient doesn’t follow up, or they made the appointment when they were feeling particularly bad and by the time the appointment time came they are feeling better and no longer want the service.  This adds up to a lot of wasted resources that could be used for people who need access.  Please consider this when making a new patient appointment and provide appropriate notice if your plans change.    

New Patient Portal Coming Soon

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